Wonderful mother, artist and mapmaker, Nancy Chandler passed away peacefully, surrounded by family, on June 22, 2015, in Marin County, California. 

Words she lived by (as quoted from the clippings on her cluttered refrigerator door): 'Colour outside the lines.' 'A clean house is a sign of a misspent life.' And 'Children have a much better chance of growing up if their parents have done so first. (You ain't got a chance, kids. Love, Mom)'. 
Daughters Nima and Siri are in Mill Valley now with Kim, a highly accomplished Downs Syndrome athlete and artist, who lived with her mother in the US. With the support of family and close friends, we are coming to terms with her sudden passing. 

Memorials will be held in Mill Valley and Bangkok later this year. In the meantime, please wear your brightest colors (no black please) and feel free to contribute to this memorial post which should enable you to upload special memories and photos celebrating her life. We will post more in the days to come.


24/06/2015 17:33

My condolences to the entire Chandler family. While I never met you personally, I've enjoyed your maps, coloring books, greeting cards, and other colorful items for years. You're a legend in Thailand, one that will be remembered and your work enjoyed for many years to come.

Scott Coates

George Finlay
09/08/2015 08:28

Along with my wife Gail I've been using the wonderful Nancy's wonderful maps on our trips to Thailand since 1988. We returned only last year and used them again.

We're very sad to hear of Nancy's death. We didn't personally know Nancy but on just learning of her death now I have tears in my eyes. We felt her presence there with us in Thailand as we used her maps over the years. What a wonderful contribution she's made to many people by her great work.

We've given Nancy's wonderful maps to many people as gifts over the years and usually pass them onto other tourists in Thailand as we finish each trip.

I hope her work continues on through the staff and organisation she founded. We wish you all good luck.

And of course we send our condolences to her family and close friends.

Daniela Cummins
24/06/2015 18:33

Dear Nima, Siri and Kim ... we were only kids in the Thailand days, but your ma was someone very special who I kept a secret place for in my heart ... I believed she would live forever as that is the image I have always had with me. Am very sad to hear the news and I will be clinging to memories and even more fiercely to the map I still have from all that time ago when the sound of her voice at the yacht club always brought smiles to the faces of all present. My thoughts are with you all. Love from Daniela, Maria and my mum (Janet)

Mandy Bishop
28/06/2015 05:30

Daniela? Hi. I'm sitting here wanting to connect with you after all these years and feeling uneasy that it is under these sad, sad circumstances, that said, I've got to believe Nancy would be glad of it. So if you'd like to catch up send me an email at abishop@sunsweet.com, I would love to know how you are.
All the best Mandy

Charlie & Captain Kao
24/06/2015 18:59

Thank you Nancy for all the beautifully colorful illustrations of life in Thailand over the past 40 years, an accomplishment that can only come from the heart. Fly free in the manner you lived your life.

Wishes of understanding and peace to Nima, Siri, Kim and all of the family and loved ones.

Steph Hickson (Drewett)
24/06/2015 19:28

Thank you to the whole Nancy Chandler Maps family for being a burst of color in my life at a major fork in the road a few years ago. When it comes to choosing paths, I'll always follow Nancy's.

I'm off to find my Nancy Chandler coloring book...thinking of you Nima, Siri and Kim.

24/06/2015 19:56

One thing we can be sure of is that the heaven now is painted in colorful colors, in Nancy's way.

Freda Williams
24/06/2015 22:00

Dear Siri, Nima and Kim, my heart felt condolences for the loss of your wonderful mom. She was our neighbor on Soi 39, a celebrated artist and a kind soul. She was so helpful with in her support of the ISB 50th Reunion. I have her reunion mural hanging in our bedroom. She leaves behind 3 lovely and talented daughters. My heart goes out to you.

Sandee Pyne
24/06/2015 22:47

My profound condolences for your loss. Your mom's art and good humor shaped my lived experiences in Thailand. Her legacy is an astounding one and you are proof of it. Sending hugs and metta.

Mark Tchelistcheff
24/06/2015 22:48

Dearest Nima, Siri and family, We send our most heartfelt and deepest condolences to all of you. We are saddened to hear of Nancy's passing and send you our love in this difficult time. Nancy will be remembered by all who she touched with her wide open smile, her imaginative creative mind and her embracing heart. She was a gift to this world brightening it with her marvelous colorful art and her caring nature. If there is anything we can do for you and the family, please let us know. With love and hugs from the Tchelistcheff family, Marina, Victor, Andre, Kiera, Vera, Natasha, Yulia and Mark

Bob & Kim Retka
24/06/2015 23:04

We will miss her terribly too!!!
Sincere condolences and love to you all!

Barry Penner
24/06/2015 23:13

Daris & I are very sorry to learn of Nancy's passing but are grateful for having met her a number of times in Bangkok over the years. Nancy was quick to offer helpful advice and provide encouragement. We loved her infectious laugh.

Thinking of all of you at this difficult time.

24/06/2015 23:18

Siri (and Sisters), I am saddened by this news of your mother. Just yesterday I sent a card of your mother's (of rice paddies in Thailand) to my mother in Walnut Creek! And I thought about Nancy. My cousin (Eleanor George Burke) was a close friend through school and we were to meet up with your mother this past summer! I send my love to all of you, your extended family, her friends, and colleagues. Love, Wendy

Fred Hegner
25/06/2015 00:15

Nancy was an inspiration for so many expats living in Bangkok during the eighties and nineties...while she always joked about being a kid herself, she was a great role model to so many of us youngsters, full of love and zany passion....as an artist, she was a trailblazer and a pioneer of functional art in Thailand...her maps live on with her daughter Nima...to a true Thai icon....rest in peace, Nancy

25/06/2015 00:17

Thank you, Nancy, for being a colleague and good friend these past 45 years. Piyawee and I will miss your ebullient laughter, our breakfasts in Bangkok, your talent exhibited in exuberant art, and your infectious good cheer. A very classy lady despite your protests to the contrary. Our best wishes to Nima, Siri, and Kim.

Barbro Haves
25/06/2015 01:11

Dear Kim, Nima, and Siri,
I'm so sorry to hear about Nancy's passing! My condolences to you and your family! I love you Kim!
Nancy, I will miss you! I will always remember our Clive obsession with joy! You were a wonderful, creative, warm human being!

Michel and Melissa Bird
25/06/2015 02:18

Dear Nancy, what an impression you made upon the world - your 3 marvelous daughters, your art, your smile and sense of humor, your love of life. Thank you for sharing you with us!

Judy Benn
25/06/2015 03:44

I am so sorry to hear of Nancy's passing. She will certainly always be remembered as one of Bangkok's iconic Americans. May her spirit live on thru her lovely daughters and drawings. She will be missed by many. My prayers go out to Nima, Siri and Kim.

Guido & Maria Jouret
25/06/2015 04:48

Dear Nima,Siri & Kim,
Guess you may remember me as a regular of the RVYC.....
Sad to hear you Mom passed away...We have the fondest memories of your Mom. I will always remember her great smile and the joy of life she exuded to all people she met.
Guido & Maria Jouret

phyllis ressler
25/06/2015 04:56

So many many fond memories of the days in Bangkok! Will be thinking of you all,
Love Phyllis and Everett Ressler

Shannon Blocker
25/06/2015 05:03

Nima- I am so sad to hear this news about your mom. Our thoughts and prayers go to you and your sisters. I enjoyed meeting Nancy at Sawaddi Magazine's 40th Anniversary party and appreciate both of your contributions to our 50th Anniversary /final issue.

Lynda Chittenden
25/06/2015 05:11

Oh Kim, I am so sad to hear of your Mom's death -- too soon, too sudden. Nancy Chandler was so talented, warm, funny and kind. Her marvelously colorful maps and book marks were singularly unique. I am so sorry this has happened. . . . Love, Lynda Chittenden

Heidi Waters (Immer)
25/06/2015 08:11

Nima, Siri, Kim & Al - my deepest condolences on this sudden loss. I can't believe my family and I were just at her house in October for a fabulous brunch! Coffee, food and of course lots of laughs!!! Nancy was my brothers "US Mutti" while he was in San Francisco, and when I first moved to the U.S. My fist vacation stop was in San Francisco where she showed me all the historic and funky places in her fabulous home town! I can't believe the news and my thoughts are with you all in this difficult time! I will wear bright colors in her honor!!!!

Nuala Ewins
25/06/2015 08:59

Rest in peace Nancy. You made our years in Bangkok a wonderful experience. We relied on your maps for inspiration for where to go, what to see and where to eat. You made Bangkok so much more accessible and infinitely more fun, thank you, xxxx

Phil & Guinand
25/06/2015 10:11

Dear Nima, Siri and Kim.....
So sad to hear about the passing of Nancy....was such a part of our sailing life at RVYC....and so much more in her daily life...an inspiration, always on good mood...our sincere condolences, pls let us know when the memorial service will take place in Bangkok...
Phil, Ette, Dewi and Richard Guinand

Marit and Christian Immer
25/06/2015 12:37

Nima, Siri and Kim. We are deeply sorry to hear about your loss. Nancy was a very special person, she will remain allways in our memory.

25/06/2015 12:39

Dear Nima, Siri and Kim,
My heart goes out to you all. I will always remember the joyous memories that I'm privileged to have in knowing your mom - she will be forever wandering with me through Bangkok's back streets! xoxox Annie

Jan Dewit
25/06/2015 13:24

Only met Nancy Chandler in person once, but it surely left a positive impression. My wife has been at NCG for most of her professional life and has always been very fond of Nancy (and the Chandler family). So thank you Nancy for what you have done for the people around you. And I'm sure that through your graphics, you will continue to make people smile and enjoy life just a little bit more.

Joan Simmons
25/06/2015 14:46

A chance encounter with Nancy Chandler - wearing a large smile, of course- always brightened my day. To her family, I am so very sorry for your (and our) loss.

Jennifer Gampell
25/06/2015 15:36

Oh Nancy, I'm so sad but am trying try not to be cuz you were such a positive ray of sunshine and always pooh poohed negativity. I owe a big part of my freelance writing career to the map. I recommended it as an indispensable requirement (along with curiosity and comfortable shoes) SO many times over the years.To me, the map represents your alter ego: both are bright, informative, chockablock with great ideas and above all brimming with SOUL! I'll always cherish the 40th edition copy you autographed not so long ago at Cafe Tartine. You wrote "Happy Birthday???" though it wasn't anywhere near it, but I knew you meant it to cover past and future ones.

I like to imagine that your somewhere around creating a new palette of colorful energy for Nancy Chandler's Map of the Universe

With love and metta to Nima, Siri, Kim and all the other members of the large and loving Chandler family. xoxoxoxoxo

25/06/2015 22:33

So sad to hear of Nancy's death, please accept my condolences. I lived in Bangkok for two years and got so much more out of the experience due to the wonderful map and guide. I gave a copy to every visitor and left them to explore with confidence.

Ann Wright-Parsons
25/06/2015 22:43

So sorry to hear the sad news, Nima, Siri and Kim, Al too.. All of us Parsons remember fondly our times in Pattaya, the yacht club and visits to your busy home in Bangkok. And, of course, the maps - so helpful in finding all the essential as well as interesting spots around Bangkok. Those years in Thailand were magical. I savor my memories of Nancy's zest for life and imaginative artistry which she shared with us all. Ann

Michele Wells
25/06/2015 22:48

So very sorry to hear of your mom's passing, Nima. Although never having met Nancy, her wonderfully creative maps and whimsical art relay such a sense of wonderment, curiosity, and joie de vivre, inviting countless of us to go explore.
Heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

Terri Gilbert
25/06/2015 23:20

I first visited Bangkok in 2002 and lived there from 2006-2009. The Nancy Chandler maps and guidebooks were my constant companions. They led and introduced me to some of my favorite shops, restaurants, sights and other destinations. My husband is in the US Foreign Service and we've lived in six foreign countries but I've never found a more valuable resource. Nancy's maps were a reflection of her personality: infinitely colorful, creative, and fun. Although I never met Nancy, I always knew I wanted to be her friend.

Penny Kelly
26/06/2015 00:16

At our Friends' May Appreciation party I had such an upbeat conversation with Nancy. She seemed to have a kind, humorous remark for everyone she encountered. We will miss her!

Marit Immer
26/06/2015 02:08

26/06/2015 04:29

I sit here grateful to Nima, Siri and Kim for allowing us to have the opportunity to recall our dear friend, Nancy. I have so many stories of adventures with my best next door neighbor of all time which will be with me forever. Her positive outlook, her brilliance in all that she did, her devotion to family and just her extraordinary love for life will be with me always. Her thoughtful,commonsense response to curveballs was inspiring...on and on I could go....she was the best, I will miss her and I feel most fortunate to have met my friend, Nancy, on the street in front of my house the day she moved to Eldridge Avenue. It changed my life for the better!

Maria Hall
26/06/2015 05:47

The Nancy Chandler maps were lifesavers for us in as expats in BKK and Chiang Mai. Now we are in Beijing, and I said is there a Chandler map here?- Not. Prayers going out to the family.

Aileen and Richard Tryon
26/06/2015 08:10

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. She was one talented lady, and we have several of her maps framed on our walls. Aileen and Richard Tryon, Hua Hin, Thailand

Karyn Walker
26/06/2015 08:31

Nancy - truly a legend in Bangkok. So sad to hear the news and sending my condolences to all her family. Her maps were my inspiration for exploring Bangkok when I arrived in the 90s and are treasured to this day.

26/06/2015 11:55

I am very saddened by this news, years ago I had some correspondence with Nancy as I sent her a thank you for how wonderful her BKK maps were. I had been going to BKK for years and never able to get everything done that I needed until I used her map. And of course when I moved to CM 11 years ago I was lucky enough to find a copy and used it to find my bearings here, loving the index and detailed information. I had a copy with tape across the seams for years and years, letting friends use it and sharing it with customers in Free Bird Cafe​ until we finally started selling them when they contacted me about being written up in the index and map. We were so honored to have Thai Freedom House​ and the cafe mentioned, it means a lot to be included in this beautiful, thoughtful, information packed map. Ironically, just yesterday we received a box of maps to stock the cafe with.
I can't even say how many times I bought her cards to use as all occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, going away, they are the only non cheezy cards in CM! I also always purchase a copy of her children't coloring and work books to give as gifts to friends in the USA, admiring how she so easily transfers information about Thai culture so that children from everywhere can understand.
Nima, Siri and Kim​, as you know, your mother has a great legacy and we will all miss her. Sending you comforting love and healing at this time. Your mother was so appreciated and her beautiful work will live on well into the future.

Susan Lankenau McCreary
26/06/2015 12:06

I am in shock. I cannot believe that the fun-loving, so full-of-life girl (who was my roommate on the sleeping porch in the Alpha Phi house 59 years ago when we were both wide-eyed Cal Freshmen), is gone much too soon. My deepest sympathy to the family..

26/06/2015 15:33

Such sad news. Our condolences to the Chandler family. We have used and enjoyed the maps over many, many years and have recommended them to countless friends visiting Thailand.

26/06/2015 16:05

I am so shocked and saddened to hear of Nancy's death. She was such fun to be with. I will never forget her sparkling spirit and will always remember her fondly.

Our condolences to all the family from everyone at the River View Lodge in Chiang Mai. She stayed with us many times over the years and we all loved looking after her as one of our most beloved guest. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Alison (Retka) Rushforth
26/06/2015 22:16

I am so saddened to hear of Nancy's passing. Nancy was not only a uniquely talented artist, but also an incredibly giving and humble person. Her generous spirit and great curiosity about life and people made every interaction with her enormously fun. My thoughts are with Nima, Siri and Kim and the whole family during this difficult time. Sending all of you Peace & Love.

26/06/2015 23:33

I'm so sorry to hear of the news of Nancy's passing. Deep condolences to her entire family. I was just e-mailed about it.

Although I didn't get to meet Nancy, she was so nice when she went out into her garage in California and found some greeting cards that I needed and mailed them to me in L.A. area. I've been buying her items, in Bangkok, for many years and even had Nima send me boxes of items, by UPS to the States, to use as gifts for guests at one of my milestone birthday parties in which I had a Thai theme. It's very sad to hear of her passing, but she provided us all with some great Thai-inspired products.

May she rest in peace.

Susan and Bill LANGE
27/06/2015 00:21

So very sad to hear of Nancy's passing ----- best to Kim, Nima, Siri and Craig, and Michael ------ so many funny memories growing up such as her novella about Liberace, membership in the very exclusive Leaky Faucet Club, her rendition of "Steam Heat" in a school play ------- "Butter"

Connie Hall
27/06/2015 00:59

Oh, Nancy..what sad news to get today about you..so many memories tumbling out from our Cal days, all the laughter and joy your brought to us all..later in MV at CURVES and more laughter..
We will all miss you, dear friend.
Sending much love to Nima, Siri and Kim.

Karen Yaella Frankel
27/06/2015 02:27

Dear Nima, Siri & Kim,
I'm so sorry to hear of Nancy's passing. I have often thought of her and you, and most recently spoke of you all just yesterday when I saw Kent de Groot. He will be going to Thailand for the first time since he left and asked about you Chandlers. I would love to come visit you in Marin if you are still there. I get back to SF on Monday evening. I'm very sorry to miss seeing your mom again. She was a generous, sweet woman and devoted mother. I will always remember her joyful, creative spirit.

Reba Armstrong (formerly Mrs. Koo)
27/06/2015 02:56

Sending you prayers of comfort at this sad time. Your mother was an amazing, vibrant, positive, fun spirit! Though I have not seen her in decades, she has always been in my best memories of ISB and Bangkok. She was one of the first ISB community members to encourage me as the theatre director there, and her maps took me into the nooks and crannies of the wonderfully complex and diverse metropolis that is Bangkok. Her positivity "infected" all who knew her, and she is beloved by me forever. Thank you, Nancy Chandler, for leaving this world a more interesting and beautiful place.

Derrick Scott
27/06/2015 04:49

The shock waves of losing you, one so luminous of love and kindness pains my heart. Yet having known you over the years, it is your light and warmth that shall always remain. Though you will be so painfully missed, your legacy of compassion, creativity and passion for Life, will live on. I am forever blessed by the friendship you and Kim shared with me, and feel dedicated to continue to live by your examples of patients, appreciation and smiles. My deepest condolences to the Chandler family, and those many extended families as well. Nancy Chandler life touch many, and like best of times, it was a time that ended much too soon. With Love, Derrick

27/06/2015 14:50

Kim, Nima & Siri- I am so sorry to hear Nancy's passing. Kim & I did Special Olympics together & go to school together. We all have been close for many years! Nancy was a wonderful lady & friend. Love to all of you😀

Susan Stem
28/06/2015 00:03

Dear Nima, and all the family-
We've never met, but Nancy (and later, Nima) have been with me since 1990 when I first visited Bangkok and acquired your colorfully informative map. It is the first thing I recommend that visitors to Thailand get... better than a guide book, easier to carry and a lot more fun. Nancy's spirit is embodied in this beautiful, lively and helpful legacy. Krup khun mahk mahk ka!

Sylvia Lu
28/06/2015 00:17

Dear Kim, Siri and Nima,
I was so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. She was a very special lady. As a principal at ISB many years ago, I first met Nancy as we, with the help of counselors and teachers plotted out courses of study for Kim. She was a joy and delight to work with---so enthusiastic and creative. Her maps have guided me around some of the most fascinating cities in Asia and intermittent contact over the years has kept me in awe and wonder of all that this remarkable woman has been able to achieve. She will me missed but never forgotten.

Thinking you all
Sylvia Lu

Susan Hurff Field
28/06/2015 02:01

Very sad news about a very wonderful person. Nancy brought a laugh or smile to all she met. I've a new posting on my refrig. "A clean house is a sign of a misspent life". Love to Nancy's family.

Mandy Bishop
28/06/2015 05:17

Nima, Siri, Kim I am so sorry to hear about the passing of wonderful Nancy. My thoughts are with you. You know she's up there minding you, may that give you comfort. My strongest memories of Nancy are actually of her in Mill Valley , not Thailand - in Thailand I was of an age where adults didn't really feature. In Mill Valley however, I was hitting college years and she represented something I didn't have much exposure to, a totally independent woman who knew her hearts desires (her children, art and being herself) and followed them unfailingly. At least that's what I saw. A bit of beacon. I think we need more Nancy's in this world.

28/06/2015 06:08

I met Nancy and Kim in mid 80's through Youth in Arts Very Special Arts Program. Nancy was an Artist-in-the Schools teaching printmaking, and later on Kim was her very able teaching assistant. She was such a joy to work with ... such talent, humor, and positive attitude. I will always remember her with great fondness. My life is richer for having known her. All the best to her family.

Matthias Pranich
28/06/2015 21:43

My deepest condolences to your family. SHE WAS A GREAT PERSON

29/06/2015 10:26

Dear Siri, Nima, and Kim,
We were shocked and saddened to hear about Nancy. We met your mother and father in Bangkok when you were babies and we were all learning how to settle into our new lives in Thailand. Nancy's joie de vivre never wavered and memories linger of many good times together. Besides her extraordinary artistic talent, your mother was a warm, friendly human being and one who embraced life to the fullest. I feel privileged to have known her for the past 45 years. Love and thoughts to you and your family, Dawn Rooney

Peter,Anne and Malcolm (Mouse) Hay
29/06/2015 17:19

Its now 28 years since Dear Nancy produced her thoughts of our life in Thailand and this still is the center piece on my office wall.
What a truly loving,caring and thoughtful person and to have known her was a very special part of our life and she was always able to simply Make the Difference
To Nima, Siri and Kimi our thoughts are with you in this sad time for you but you are the lucky ones to have had such a wonderful mother

Our love to you all

Dawn Rooney
29/06/2015 17:36

Christa & Matt
29/06/2015 18:07

There was so much to love about Nancy, but one of the times that stands out clearly for us was our visit with she and Kim on the way to our honeymoon visit to Tahoe. She made us our very own "Honeymoon Suite" artwork of which I have a photo - I absolutely must share with you when I can figure out how to post it on this site. Her kindness and generousity of spirit was both rare and treasured - I loved her picture of Nima on the fridge downstairs to - "the boss" - and her sense of humour always intact. We are sending all kinds of love to your family. Nancy was awesome!

Margi Anderson
29/06/2015 21:53

Dear Nima, Siri, and Kim ,
You all have been in my thoughts and heart since this terribly sad news about your mom reached me. Nancy, her zest for life and her kindness rippled out to include so many of us. Nancy in her marvelous informal exuberant way took me under her wind taught me how to wander through Thai markets, see the charms in the nooks and crannies, the piles of this and that , while greeting everyone on her what seemed like singing Thai. Then off to lunch at some little spot she'd discovered. Theoretically it was for research for her latest map, but to be a sidekick well that was heaven.Without your mom's contagious enthusiasm, and her warm friendship, those years would long ago in Bangkok would have Be so dull!
Far more is that Nancy was a great lady, a dear friend who taught me how to get through the tough spots of life, deep kind eyes and what friendship means, and ..keep seeing those bright colors around you.
My sympathy to you her beloved daughters.

Adrian Norris
30/06/2015 06:25

I was so sad to hear the news about Nancy. We had many wonderful times together starting in the 5th grade at Hamlin's followed by more fun years at Cal. She was a wonderfully fun and talented perso who will be missed by so many people. My very deepest condolences to the family..Nima , Siri and Craig and to dear Kim. Adrian

Jocelyn, Chris ,Tim and all the Shorten family
30/06/2015 06:53

Dear, Kim, Siri and Nima,
We are still in shock and grief! Nancy and Kim were just at our house 2 weeks ago and Nancy was her usual great self full of fun and laughter.
You are all in our thoughts at this sad, sad time.
She was a wonderful, caring and devoted mother, a fantastic artist and
a true friend to our family, especially Tim, who thinks of her as part of
our family.
We miss her terribly and send you all much love and a really BIG HUG
for Kim. Please let us know when we can celebrate her amazing life!
Jocelyn, Chris, Tim and family

Kim Retka
30/06/2015 07:13

Dear Shorten Family - Exactly four weeks ago, Nancy and Kim left me at the Larkspur ferry after my week's stay with them. Nancy told me about your family and Tim's wonderful relationship, especially in art, with Kim. She was so looking forward to your get-together. Am so sorry you've lost such a good friend, as have I....sincerely - Kim Retka.

Angie and Don Huse
30/06/2015 10:18

Dear Nima Siri and Kim

Don and I want to express our deepest condolences. Bangkok in the 20th century could not have been the same without the close community of "farangs" thrown together into this most exotic and chaotic of Asian capitals. Your mother made all our lives there just that much more enjoyable and easy. Her wonderful friendship and love and understanding of that country inspired us to see Thailand through her eyes. And of course the maps! I still have the first map of the weekend market when it was located at Sanam Luang. Not just a map but a work of art. We will miss her. Don and Angie Huse

Jennifer Trainor
01/07/2015 01:47

Dear Nima, Siri, and Kim,
I was so sorry to hear of Nancy's passing. Nima, you described her perfectly: so much fun, so full of life, always ready for an adventure.

I spent 6 weeks with your family in Bangkok in the summer of 1970. Your mother was unbelievably kind to me - looking back, I can believe she took so much time to have adventures there with me when she had her own young children.
We went to Pattaya, Ayhuttya, and all over Bangkok.

My fondest memory was a 2 or 3 day trip we took up to Chiang Mai. At the time, it was still a walled village, with only a handful of cars. We stayed at a charming, simple guest house outside the city walls along the river. In addition to your mom and me, there were 3 Peace Corps workers from Afghanistan, the celadon buyer from Gump's, and a journalist from the Denver Post. Our little expat group bonded, and we had lively dinners with them every night. I remember climbing the stairs to Wat Doi Sutep, which the guidebook described as suitable for the "lean and sturdy". Your mom and I laughed over this phrase, not sure that either of us qualified.

So many wonderful memories - and all of them filled with laughter and the spirit of adventure. Nancy was one of a kind - what a loss for all of us.

Jennifer (Godward)

John & Sunissa Hancock
01/07/2015 11:11

Dear Nima, Siri and Kim... We are so sorry to hear about Nancy's passing. It's hard to believe that someone who was so vibrant, so full of the joy of life has gone, but the memories of her wide smile, her infectious laughter, her indomitable spirit and above all, her kindness to everyone she came into contact with, remains alive and well. We will all miss her.

Ela Hardy
01/07/2015 18:41

Dear Nima, Siri and Kim, what sad news I have just had of the passing of your wonderful mother. It has brought many very happy memories flooding back to me of the fun we had sailing with Nancy (even in Chao Phya River, Bangkok) and you all at Patthya. Kristen and Rebecca are equally saddened to hear the news. Our thoughts are with you all. Love, Ela (Pam) Hardy.

rhoda draws
02/07/2015 12:39

I was so sorry to hear of Nancy's passing, but glad that it was peaceful and in the midst of her wonderful family. I knew Nancy for several years, as a fellow exerciser at Curves, and occasional lunch companion, along with Renee Lockes. They called us the "Three Musketeers" at Curves, probably because we 3 had similar politics, and irreverent humor. I am glad that I had the chance to know both Nancy and Kim.

Emily and Stuart Riddell
03/07/2015 03:51

I am still in shock about Nancy's passing, as she had been part of my life since 1957, at Cal. We have had many great times together as we grew old, and I expected her to way out last me (being she was a year younger,) I will greatly miss our lunches and Curves routines, and send our love to Kim, Nima and Siri, and Nancy's two brothers. Love, and I'll see her in the next life, if she doesn't return first.

NIgel Hardy
03/07/2015 11:13

Dear Nima, Siri and Kim. What a sad sad day ! Nancy was such a vivacious lady, so full of life, it's hard to come to terms with the fact that she is no longer with us. We shall all miss her, especially whilst sitting on the verandah at RVYC where she brought so much colour to all our lives.We shall all long cherish the memories that she leaves behind. Take care, NIGEL

06/07/2015 00:10


Ginny and Charlie Kirkwood
06/07/2015 03:44

The whole Kirkwood family sends are condolences. Our memories of Nancy are all very special and we send our love to the whole family. Our time in Thailand meant so much to all of us.

Rich Sayre
09/07/2015 08:12

I am sitting in the Old Bangkok Inn, a spot found because of your Moms map. I am bringing my two daughters back to Thailand (one a Thai adoptee,the other born in Buumungrawd) after leaving 17 years ago. Your Moms maps made/makes Thailand home to us then and now. I will be thinking about her as we travel here and in CM using her maps to lead the way....and I will wear something bright in celebration of her life!!!!

Jeff & Gop
10/07/2015 08:41

We're saddened to hear of this loss..we've enjoyed the maps since about 1989! Our sympathies to the Chandler family......

Bec Carolan (Hardy)
13/07/2015 10:10

Dear Nima,Siri & Kim

I am so sorry to hear that your beautifully talented, kind, funny mum has passed. Such wonderful memories we all have of the yacht club and beyond.
I am so blessed that we saw you, Siri & Kim with your mum in Chiang Mai 5 years ago - it meant that my family had the chance to meet you all.
Whilst holidaying in Vietnam I stumbled across her Ho Chi Minh map in a shop today which brought a sense nostalgia and pride for all she achieved.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time.
I will wear bright colours with pride xBx

Sally Carrington
18/07/2015 09:27

Oh my. Words can not express what a warm and vibrant woman Nancy was. She and I met in a Spanish language class, and along with other comrades, we shared stories of our lives in broken Spanish and English both in class and outside socially. She always had an open and caring nature, wanting to hear more about others than share about herself. We have many funny memories of joyous times together. What a special woman she was. She will be greatly missed. My deepest sympathies to all her family and many, many friends.

Beverly Frankel
24/07/2015 12:50

In memory of dear Nancy, long-time friend, our families many times shared vacations, sailing, Thanksgivings together in Bangkok, It is hard to believe she is no longer here. Her creative can-do spirit impacted all of our lives, the joy of the moment was what she projected around her. My deepest sympathy and wishes for some ease peace to you, Nima, Siri and Kim.

Kathy Kazan
13/08/2015 04:58

When, due to my husband's illness, I could no longer be on the Friends board, it was suggested I volunteer at the book store.
Where we could be in the library together. That's where I met Nancy
who never failed to greet me, ask how things were going and help with my new shop duties. At our last meeting, we sat on the bench
talking like old friends which we now were. We will all miss her.

Hugh Engelbrechten
08/09/2015 06:39

So sorry to hear about Nancy's passing. I met her in Bangkok/Pataya when she was sailing with her husband at the Royal Varuna and we competed with them in thee Fireball class.

I was very impressed with her map business and how it flourished.

She was a wonderful family person and will certainly be missed by everyone.

04/12/2015 07:43

Nancy's map's were am extension of her own personality - colourful, imaginative, helpful, unorthodox and full of hidden gems. She mapped the heart, not just the streets.

I've glorious memories of our times growing up at Royal Varuna back in the 70's and 80's, where the Chandler family touched so many of us. We are blessed for that. The Hurrell family's thoughts are now with you Nima, Siri and Kim. Your mother showed so many the way, you three most of all. May her maps of the heart serve you ever well.

06/01/2016 14:21

I just wanted to say how truly helpful Nancy Chandler's map (and its accompanying book) was, and still is, in introducing me to this wonderful country. Thank you!

Markus Bogner (ISB Class of '85)
19/04/2016 23:03

Dear Nima, please accept my profound and heartfelt condolences on the occasion of your loss. Best, Markus

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